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Cost effective proven recruitment solutions

November 22, 2022

Today, if one looks at the recruitment cost-breakdown for companies, the numbers will leave them a tad-bit twitchy! Beginning from advertising charges to a third-party recruiter fee, the hiring affair is lengthy, convoluted, and needless to say – exorbitant. Even after companies spending endlessly on recruitment drives, there is never an assurance that the hiring process will result in acquiring good quality talent minds. Nonetheless, a well thought out recruitment strategy is quintessential for the overall development of an organisation. But does its journey always have to be so prolonged and financially taxing?

With Keystone Employment Group, the answer is no!

Keystone Employment Group is providing enterprises across UK with faster, cost-effective, and more accountable recruitment offerings for attracting and retaining the best talent. According to Malcolm Paice, the Managing Director at Keystone Employment Group, one of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises today is the heavy reliance on third-party recruitment agencies that follow a one-size-fits- all approach. And, organisations often find it hard to integrate their workflows within the limited and confined features of those solutions. Hence, it becomes tedious for a company to find, hire, and manage both temporary and permanent employees.

Keystone, however, thrives with a unique outlook towards recruitment, which stems from its longstanding experience of working as a multi-branch business with multiple departments. Established during 1950s, the company was working mostly manually, managing a myriad of employees. However, by 2012, Keystone started to automate their processes, in order to manage their temporary staffs more efficiently, which led to the development of this platform called 'DirectTemping'. Realising the potential of DirectTemping, over the years, they decided to upgrade it further commercially make it available as a comprehensive customisable cloud-based SaaS offering—Talent Bank.

Since then, the company has continued offering in- depth expertise in recruiting and managing both temporary and permanent employees through its Talent Bank software.

As opposed to traditional recruitment solutions providers, Keystone's Talent Bank is tailored to fit a client's specific recruitment needs. The company begins by understanding the recruitment challenges faced by its clients and then carries out a detailed discussion of the workflow procedure that they are looking for while hiring. “Once we get to know our clients completely, we then customise our Talent Bank offering to suit the clients' needs and tailor it as those needs change," says Paice. The solution can be utilised by organisations through the web and is designed in a lot of different configurations, irrespective of the client’s size and scale.

With Talent Bank, organisations can not only get access to the best of actively job-seeking candidates in the market but also acquire the internal pool of existing employees available in the company for immediate project requirements. It is a simple application that lets the hiring executive place the job vacancy or project requirements directly on the web portal. The candidates and the employees only require to register, create a profile, and apply. The managers looking for employees can then view the individual’s profile and get started with the recruitment process, immediately.

Keystone also interfaces with a number of HR and payroll solutions used by their clients with the goal to bring in more integrated workflow into the partnership. Along with corporate industries and jobseekers, Keystone’s diversifies its digital services and solutions portfolios to higher education across the UK as well. They engage heavily in providing a wide range of management and consultation services for education sector clients, namely King's College London, Queen Mary University, and other Russell Group Universities, among others. “We also provide inclusive career guidance services to students and assist them to prepare their online and social media presence, resumes, and interview techniques,“ says Paice.

Moving ahead with such inventiveness, the company alongside continually improving their solutions has also taken up security responsibility for their client. Keystone has been recently awarded IS027001 Information Security and Cyber Essentials certification to ensure safeguarding the client-centric data. In the coming years, the company plans on broadening its clientele outside the UK and going global. “We have been fortunate to have grown every single year for the past five years and we plan to continue with the same zeal and passion to support our partners," concludes Paice.


Digitalization improves DHL recruitment and retention on a global scale

September 22, 2022

In this article from HR Tech Outlook, Claudius Christmas of DHL talks about some of the challenges his company faces.

From the first contact between DHL Supply Chain and a potential employee, we seek to build long-term relationships. We use today’s technological advances in HR not only for efficiently finding and hiring suitable candidates but also to help maintain bonds.

Frontline challenges

Our extensive warehousing and logistics operations require high-volume recruitment across multiple geographies and markets worldwide. Much attention is focused on frontline workers and their immediate supervisors, who make up around 85% of our workforce.

We must respond to seasonal activity peaks and valleys in some industry sectors, along with sudden spikes in demand as new customers come on board. AI and analytics developments have been crucial in boosting recruitment speed and economy, improving selection quality, and ensuring the best possible start to each employee’s journey with the company...

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HR Tech Outlook

September 17, 2022