IT / Web / Telecomms

Includes jobs from: IT, web and telecomms. Technicians, support analysts, software developers, IT managers, web developers, content managers, networks, database specialists.

To assist the Infrastructure Team in the delivery of SIP Phones throughout the University. Configuring Microsoft Teams Dialling and Teams facilities. Managing call centre calls and user interaction. Configuring and Deploying SIP Phones through cloud interfaces/GUI Successful candidate will deploy phones, cabling, network and firewall settings, manage and configure cloud interfaces, and reporting/auditing


IT Knowledge and Understanding

Knowledge of IT Systems - Including function and interaction/ ports & protocols
Telephony / Especially SIP Based Telephony
Comfortable with technical GUI configuration and upgrading firmware and software.


Familiar with Microsoft products and services. Auditing and reporting using Excel Familiar with simple coding and JSON construction Familiar with basic telephone routing and cloud telephony