Research Assistant (Rescaling Project)

£25,272 - £25,272

Job Description

We are seeking a research assistant to support a Rescaling project on multilingualism at schools during the 2023/2024 Spring term. The role involves supporting the data analysis process, cataloguing our multilingual library, and helping with the organisation of a multilingual library event at the Holloway campus.

You will be expected to undertake a range of duties, which may include the following:

  1. Conduct research

    1. Utilise and deploy basic research techniques under the supervision of a senior member of staff.

    2. Assist in the planning and implementation of specific research activities, as directed.

    3. Undertake literature searches, as appropriate.

    4. Assist in the collection of data including conducting interviews and focus groups, as appropriate.

    5. Assist in the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, as directed.

    6. Contribute to the solution of problems encountered in the research context, referring issues as appropriate to the senior staff.

  2. Presentation of findings

    1. Assist with the presentation of information on research progress and outcomes to relevant sponsors etc.

    2. Participate in the documentation of the results arising from research activity.

    3. Contribute towards the publication of research findings in suitable publications.

  3. Teaching

    1. As appropriate, assist in the teaching and support of students, as directed by the senior manager.

  4. Planning and managing resources

    1. Work to deadlines and manage competing priorities, with direction as appropriate from the line manager.

  5. University/school profile

    1. As appropriate, liaise with relevant internal and external contacts/organisations in related areas of study.

Essential requirements:

  • Experience working with qualitative data (at BA or MA level)

  • Ability to understand a range of English varieties

  • IT skills

Desirable requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of NVivo

  • Being in possession of a master’s degree

For inquiries, please contact Dr Gonzalo Pérez Andrade ( or Ms Hannah King (

If you are interested, please submit a short CV and expression of interest (no more than 500 words indicating how you match the requirements of the job).



Please refer to the Job Description


Please refer to the Job Description


An exciting opportunity exists for an assistant to work on the internally funded pilot study “Identity, Security and Integration of Gurkha migrants in the UK: A social anchoring perspective” at the School of Social Professions and Social Sciences at London Metropolitan University.

The successful candidate will assist for 70 hours (in total) in the internally funded project from March 2024 to June 2024.

The pilot project aims to explore the lives and lived experience of one of the newest migrant groups in Britain, Nepali Gurkhas. In particular, this research helps unfold how Gurkha migrants make sense of their ‘new home’, their own sense of being, connect to different social spaces and access to migrant capitals in a host society/country. The research outputs will involve submission of an external grant proposal and stakeholder engagement workshop.

The Research Assistant would be expected to undertake a range of duties, including the following:

 1.Conduct research

  • Assist in the planning and implementation of specific research activities, as directed;

  • Undertake literature searches on migration, gender and existing institutional structures, strategies, and practices for integration of Gurkha migrants in UK;

  • Assist in data collection and analysis.


2. Presentation of findings


3. University/School profile

  • As appropriate, liaise with relevant internal and external contacts/organisations in related areas of study.



Postgraduate level with experience in gathering relevant information.


  1. Relevant experience

Understanding research processes.

In order to be shortlisted you must demonstrate that you meet all the essential criteria and as many of the desirable criteria as possible. Where we have a large number of applications (long list) which meet all of the essential criteria, we will then use the desirable criteria to produce a short list.

This role is to support the delivery of focus group and conduct additional tasks related to the DrinksRation project. 

This is a closed advert. 


MSc or above


Experience on conducting focus groups

Experience on academic publishing 

Knowledge and understanding on mobile health

We are looking for people to participate in 1-hour research study interviews exploring the embedding of conversational AI in everyday products. We will begin by introducing you to one such AI-enabled product, giving you a chance to familiarise yourself with it. Afterwards, you'll have a discussion with a researcher about your thoughts on it. You don't need to have experience with AI-enabled products in the past. If you've participated in one of these interviews before then you unfortunately cannot participate again.

The interviews will take place on Wednesday Feb 21st between 10:00 and 17:00. All interviews will take place at Bush House on the Strand campus. Please researve a slot at before applying.