Student Researcher

Job Description

We are looking for an enthusiastic student research assistant for an exciting project funded by King’s educational innovation fund 2022 titled ‘An Evaluation of a novel pedagogical approach to knowledge integration in Neuro-pharmacotherapeutics’

This project is a qualitative evaluation of a new teaching intervention that aims to improve clinical reasoning in neuropharmacology. There are two phases.

Phase 1) This will involve designing and validating an online ‘learning by concordance’ tool

Phase 2) There will then be a qualitative exploration of student experiences to consider the approach's impact. This will be through focus group methods.

The research assistant will assist to facilitate and coordinate the online design of a teaching intervention and, subsequently, be involved in the analysis of focus groups.

This role is funded for up to 50 hours (till April 2024).  


Relevant undergraduate or postgraduate degree


Research experience is desirable but not essential.


The post holder will be responsible for the instruction of Fitness Class sessions to the University Sports Centre Users.

This role will pay 30-40 pounds per session.


Experience of delivering Fitness Class Sessions and working in an environment dealing with a broad range of users.

Relevant National Governing Body Teaching Qualification and Personal liability insurance.

Knowledge of the issues relating to health and safety in the delivery of Fitness Class sessions.

Good communication skills, be able to relate to a wide variety of different types of users.

Have demonstrated leadership skills and be able to develop the session.

Knowledge and understanding of fitness training relating to other classes or services provided by the Sports Centre is desirable.

Experience in planning for development of Fitness Classes is desirable.

A First Aid qualification is desirable.

Demonstrable understanding of Diversity and Equality and its practical application in Higher Education.


please send your CV to Daniel Campbell -




  1. To be responsible to the Fitness Manager for the running and supervision of the sports centre fitness class sessions.

  2. To ensure that the classes begin and end at the advertised times and that only authorised users participate, collecting tickets from all attendees before the session starts.

  3. To act in accordance with sector best practise, and NGB guidelines and code of conduct.

  4. To be responsible for the Health and Safety of all participants including ensuring the safe use of equipment, and communicating any faults to the Operations Manager – (Health and Fitness).

  5. To collect feedback from users for the development of the session/ programme.

  6. To liaise with the Operations Manager (Health and Fitness) in the development of these sessions.

  7. Any other duties appropriate to the role as directed by the Fitness Manager during the regular hourly slot.

  8. Session plans are to be provided and approved by the Fitness Manager on a quarterly basis, the session plans are to evolve so as to keep the customers interested and their progression continuous.

  9. The instructors are to market the class alongside LSBU Active to increase awareness of the classes and help promote academy events to their attendees.

  10. It is the responsibility of the instructor to inform their clients of any class changes due to annual leave or cancelation due to lack of attendance.

  11. All instructors are to be evaluated on a quarterly basis, unless a concern has been highlighted which means that this may be sooner.

  12. All instructors are to be on site on the hour even if the class starts at 10 past the hour to allow for set up time.

  13. Some classes will be removed during the quieter times while the students are away as this can affect the attendance levels.

  14. Due to fluctuations in trends, classes will be reviewed and timetables amended on a quarterly basis.

Health Equity Fellow to undertake a systematic review of access to care - barriers and faciliators





Health equity experience

Data analysis (inc recoding) of a qualitative data set of patient interviews about tobacco dependence treatment started in hospital.




Qualitative data analytical skills

writing for publication