Event Assistant

Job Description

St Mary Le Strand: Rebecca Smith Installation

GLOW: ILLUMINATING INNOVATION is a multi-sited London exhibition showcasing groundbreaking artworks by leading women artists working with cutting-edge technologies. Brand-new pieces have been curated alongside historical works spanning five decades revealing the previously hidden innovation by women in technology.

Situated inside the St Mary le Strand church and drawing directly from the live environmental data generated by the many sensors that surround the Strand Aldwych space, colours, movement, speed, and sound will all be informed from large swaths of live data exchange.

By taking information that is invisible to the human eye and presenting it in a way that seamlessly overlays with the public realm, the audience are invited to explore a dynamic perception of space, and to critically engage with issues of climate change and the environment.

This light and sound installation will be in place inside the church for three days – from the 11 – 13 March and will be open to the public from 10am – 10pm. During this time invigilators are required to check in visitors and gather evaluation data.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This installation uses haze and flashing lights.

Key Tasks

  • Complete the training for the role. 

  • Represent King’s College London during the art installation/performance at the church, being the first port of call for questions from the public, handing out promotional material (if available) and providing excellent customer service to visitors.

  • Be comfortable approaching and interacting with the public ushering and signposting towards the event.

  • Approach members of the public to undertake a questionnaire, 

  • Encourage people to follow @CulturalKings.

  • Inform visitors about the rest of the GLOW exhibition in other sites and direct them to the GLOW website for more information.

  • Be friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and communicate effectively with visitors answering any queries or concerns politely and signposting to various points locally including public toilet facilities.

  • Observe when overcrowding begins and help with guiding participants to the extra space, working with other event staff to manage queues.

  • Flag unexpected emergencies to duty staff and help to guide and evacuate people to a safe place.

  • Keep vigilant for any strange behaviour and reports from the public inform event staff asap.





Essential Criteria

  • Excellent customer service skills and experience

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Confident approaching members of the public

  • Punctual

  • Flexible approach to duties

  • Ability to be proactive and motivated during quiet periods

  • Awareness of Health and Safety procedures To be available for all shifts from 11 – 13 March



Desirable Criteria

  • Experience working in the arts/theatre

  • Experience working on large scale events

  • Front of house experience.

  • An interest in Art and Digital Technology



Creating video content for Welcome in Arts and Hums.





King’s Business School is recruiting up to 5 King’s Business School students for the 2024/25 academic term to be KBS Peer Career Coaches.  Trained and supported by the KBS Career & Executive Coaches, this team will help create and  deliver professional and personal development activities to their peers, including business skills development, exploring potential sectors and role, undertaking work-related learning opportunities and general career and application support for students at the business school.

Boost your Employability with Essential Business and Leadership Skills

  • Paid work experience you can feature in your CV and LinkedIn profile.

  • Co-creating engaging digital content, student communications and event coordination. 

  • Boosting your cultural agility while building a sense of belonging and inclusion at King’s Business School.

  • Develop communication and presentation skills and confidence through delivery of workshops, drop-ins, in-lecture presentations, and peer coaching sessions.  

  • Build your confidence and networking skills as you collaborate with our student societies and support our alumni networking events.

  • Learn and practice essential coaching and mentoring skills.

You may also have the opportunity to: 

  • Present to stakeholders such as King’s students and staff; 

  • Work with student societies on collaborative activities; 

  • Create digital media content on careers topics;

  • Support open days for prospective students;

Being a Peer Coach is a positive experience that can really make a difference, demystifying and making career topics more approachable and relatable.

How will this role make a difference to King’s Business School students? 

  • Supporting diverse representation and inclusion of student voice and experiences from marginalised backgrounds and international students into our careers programme.

  • Co-create student-centred experiences, content and resources

  • Connect with and aid students in their career journey.

  • Share your unique experiences and insights.

  • Contribute to a sense of belonging and connection at King’s.


  • You must be an undergraduate or postgraduate student at King’s Business School faculty enrolled for the 2024/25 academic year. 

  • Eligible to register with King’s Talent Bank.

  • Attend virtual and in-person training sessions and commit to minimum of 15 hours in autumn and winter term.


  • Each peer career coach will receive compensation for a guaranteed minimum of 45 hours

  • Includes approximately 15 hours dedicated to training 

  • Peer Coaches will be expected to work a further 30 hours (15 hours in  autumn and 15 hours in the winter term.)

  • Hours per week may vary due to number and type of events and activities planned. 

  • Additional hours up to a maximum of 60 over the academic year are available if you would like to get involved in more projects and delivery.


Our peer coaches represent the diversity of our students, so we particularly support applications from students from minority ethnic backgrounds, marginalised groups and international students.

To be successful in this role, we are looking for candidates to have the following skills and experience:

Foundational Skills

  • Good interpersonal skills (empathy, active listening)

  • Cultural awareness and inclusive mindset

  • Good communication skills (confident in talking 1-2-1 or small groups)

  • Personal integrity & accountability (keeping promises and commitments)

Essential Experience

First hand experience of participating in any one or more of the following activities

  • Spring weeks/insight days, internships, year in industry placements, part-time work or entrepreneurship activities

  • King's Business School experiences including  nano-internships, job simulations, leadership or skill-building experiences.

  • Careers appointments, workshops or employer/alumni events. 

  • Enthusiasm for inclusive education and awareness of the experience of international students and students who are traditionally under-represented in UK Higher Education.

Other relevant experience

  • Active membership or leadership role in a KCL student society or club

  • KBS Student leadership, representative or ambassador role

  • KBS Student Engagement Associate, Advisor or peer mentor

 Application Process

Part One - CV

  • VMOCK is the AI platform that we suggest students use for creating/improving their CV's at King's Business School

  • Go to www.vmock.com/kcl and create an account with this KBS CV Platform.  Use your knumber email to access.

  • Upload your current CV to VMOCK. 

Part Two - 250 word motivational statement

Upload in a second document a short motivational statement that briefly covers the following points.

  1. Why you want to become a KBS peer career coach.

  2. An example of career-related activity you have undertaken (e.g. a workshop, talk, appointment, interview, part-time work or internship/job) you have participated in and what you learned.

Research assistance on public international law as well as help relating to events of the Shell Lectureship


LL.B. Or equivalent, word, excel


Knowledge in public international law, e.g. general PIL and trade