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Job Description

* This job advert has been extended. Please do not submit another testimonial if you have already submitted one as you will only be paid for the task once* 

This task is only applicable to SSPP ambassadors (both UG and PG) who are NOT studying the courses listed below:

  • Geography and Environmental Science BSc

  • International Development BA

  • International Relations BA

  • War Studies and History BA

Please read the guidance below carefully.

Dear ambassadors,

Congratulations on your new role! We hope you’ll enjoy working with SSPP. 

We would like you to submit a short testimonial about studying your course at King’s. Your testimonial will include written content and a picture.

Please see the information below.

Written content:

  • Ideally between 150-250 words.

  • Content: think about the information that was relevant to you whilst doing your university/course research as a prospective student. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to): teaching style/learning, facilities, course-specifics (modules, projects, field trips), studying at King’s and opportunities available to King’s students. Please focus on telling us about your experience!

  • Keep it simple: Relatable content and accessible language work best. 

  • When mentioning the university, we ask that you avoid using words such as 'KCL' or just 'King's', and use 'King's College'/'King's College London' instead, to adhere to branding guidelines.

  • We want you to be honest about your experience and would like to hear about what has been positive in your journey at King’s College so far.


  • High-quality/resolution profile picture (headshot).

  • Neutral background and good lighting.

  • Avoid branded clothing/logos.

You will be paid 30 minutes for this task. New deadline is 31/03/2023. 

To be paid for this task, you must fill out this consent form Consent form for communications & marketing activities in SSPP (office.com). In the activity field, you can mention ‘testimonial’ + your course of study. Please submit your testimonial in a word document + a picture (separately) to gabriel.berwanger@kcl.ac.uk by 31/03/2023. To be paid for your task, please accept/apply for this job advert so that you can be offered a timesheet.

Please note that this task is applicable to SSPP ambassadors only.

Any questions please feel free to reach out to gabriel.berwanger@kcl.ac.uk.

Many thanks for your help!




Dear ambassadors,

We are looking to hire undergraduate subject ambassadors for the Open Day event at the Strand campus, taking place on 14th October 2023, 9-5pm (estimated times). 

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet new students who may be planning to apply to King’s and to share your positive experiences about your course, provide advice and guidance and represent the university. 

You may be required to take part in group discussions, meet and greet prospective students, assist with pre/post event set up and participate in a subject talks and Q&As. You will be paid for your time on King’s Talent Bank.  

You will be sent briefing information via email ahead of the event to ensure you feel comfortable and prepared to join us! 

Marketing for Advance Choice Document film project: supporting the delivery of 8 - 12 short films on how to write advance documents.  Branding, social media, website, press and broadcast media. Experience in marketing management in mental health related projects and understanding of Advance Choice Documents is vital. 


Undergraduate degree or equivalent 


Branding, social media, website, press and broadcast media. Experience in marketing management in mental health related projects and understanding of Advance Choice Documents is vital.  Ability to manage own time.  Flexible hours to complete project.  

Research lead on the REIEF project Black placemaking in London 


Completing a PhD in Geography 


Project management

Report writing