Technical Support

Job Description

One day data analysis and visualisation workshop to external partners. The job holders will provide technical supports onsite from 9am to 5pm, when participants have any issues with King's visitors' cloud connections, software installations, running codes (if any) debugging, etc. 3 Academia will be onsite as well to provide supervisions and support when challenges arise.


King's students, ideally postgraduate


Be familiar with King's buildings and internet connections (Eduroam, Govroam, Cloud, etc.);

Be agile in solving problems and intuitive to help;

Be familiar with Tableau;

Have some knowledge of Alteryx; 

Elementary data analysis and visualisation skills.

Good communication skills, especially talking with industrial participants from external partners.


Athena Swan Proofreader

NMES are looking for an experienced Proofreader needed for departmental Athena Swan application. Intended outcomes will be to give feedback in order to

  • Read and re-phrase that which needs to be made clearer

  • Flag what needs to be re-phrased for further edits

  • Easily understandable by someone not based in the department




Key Skills

  1. Proof-reading

  2. Data analysis

  3. Concisely summarising complex information

The role is a Research Assistant to support administratively and coordinate key research activities for a research project exploring black place-making in the geography department. The ideal candidate will be a geography student at KCL with a passion for inclusivity, the experiences of minority groups, expanding access, or Black Geographies as a field.

The rate of pay will depend on qualifications (£13.62 for those with an undergraduate degree, and £19.45 for those with a masters degree). 


The role may involve:

  • contacting potential interviewees,

  • arranging interview times and venues,

  • transcribing interviews,

  • keeping a tab on research timelines,

  • and managing the research folder.

The role will be performed over three months October-December 2023. The Level of Effort (LoE) will be finalised on contracting. We envisage the role involving 3-6 hours a week up to a maximum of 60 hours over the course of the contract. Most of this work will be done remotely via teams and email. Please send a CV along with a covering letter in your application. 


You must hold at least and undegraduate degree in order to be eligible for this role. 


- Email communication

- project management

- the ability to transcribe interviews 

- understanding of the challenges faced by minority groups in the discipline of geography 


Research lead on the REIEF project Black placemaking in London 


Completing a PhD in Geography 


Project management

Report writing