Copywriter And Content Creator

Job Description

A Copywriter and Content Creator is required to write copy including news items, press releases, and short reports and to keep a website up to date using WordPress. The website is for an AHRC-funded fellowship project entitled: Global Leadership of Women in Web 3.0 (GloW3) led by Professor Sarah Atkinson in the Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries. The website documents, archives, promotes and disseminates the work of the GloW3 project and will host a diverse range of visual formats and audio-visual materials. The work will take place throughout July 2023 – March 2024 for a total of 46 hours. The hours can be arranged flexibly to fit around the post-holder’s other commitments.


Educated to degree-level in an arts, humanities, or a social science discipline.


The successful applicant will have experience of writing and editing copy for a variety of different audiences and formats in English language, i.e., print-based, web-based and social media. They will have experience of proof reading and have excellent attention to detail. They will also have experience of editing, adding content and updating pre-existing websites using WordPress. They will have a good working knowledge of WordPress. They will be able to show different examples of their written work in their application – including both academic writing and text written for general audiences. Creative skills are desirable as is experience of creating and working with images and video.


Research lead on the REIEF project Black placemaking in London 


Completing a PhD in Geography 


Project management

Report writing 



The Centre for Sustainable Business (CSB) is seeking two part-time research assistants to contribute to a research profile mapping project. This initiative aims to map existing publications, research undertaken, and future research interests of academics at King's Business School (KBS). The objective is to facilitate information sharing and collaboration while providing strategic directions for CSB to carry out work that benefits the academic community. 

The research assistants will assist with both online and offline research, including extracting online information and corroborating it with offline interview/survey data collected from KBS academics. They will also be responsible for producing research reports. 

The job is flexible and very suited to PhD students working on or interested in areas of Business Studies and Digital Methods. 


MA in Business Studies or Informatics/Digital Humanities; ideally a PhD student in this area 


Skills Required:  

  • A background or strong interest in the research areas  

  • Experience in carrying out primary and secondary research 

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills 

  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines  

Desirable Criteria: 

  • Experience assisting collaborative research projects   

  • Familiarity with web scraping techniques and tools 

  • Experience or interest in stakeholder liaison  

  • Ability to work independently and proactively to the standards required 

The invigilator is responsible for maintaining discipline and good order during the oral exam preparation.

They are required to ensure that bags etc are deposited alongside a wall, or at another place far away enough for students to take out any potential aid. Furthermore, they will need to ensure that candidates do not bring to the desk any notes, books or any other aid, except a pen to take notes. The invigilator also ensures that electronic devices are put away and that mobile phones are only used to check the time. Ten minutes before the end of the assessment, the invigilator should announce the time remaining to the candidates and at the end of the preparation time, the invigilator should instruct candidates to cease writing and go to the exam room.

The invigilator reports to the relevant Language Director and will get more detailed information prior to the exam date.


Doctoral candidates


Excellent organisational skills

Excellent communication skills